DIY Easter Egg Grapevine Wreath

When it comes to decorating for the upcoming seasons or holidays I like to have some new, fresh decor to add throughout our home, but I don’t like to go out + spend a ton of money on new pieces or supplies for a DIY!

This wreath was one of the SIMPLEST pieces I’ve done! Aside the Grapevine Wreath itself, each item purchased can be used for other projects, so overall it was very inexpensive as well!

Here’s a List of Supplies I used:
Mini Grapevine Wreath
Spanish Moss
Multi-colored Glitter Easter Eggs
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutting Pliers

Now, let’s talk about how to throw this together so you can get your new Easter DIY up for display!

1. Gather all of your supplies!
2. Before getting started, I went ahead + cut all of the Easter Eggs off of the Stems {This will help with ease of placement in a later step}
3. When working with these wreaths, I like to take the Grapevine Wreath + cut any pieces that are astray, using the Cutting Pliers. Sometimes, you can also tuck the “wild” pieces back into the wreath. You may still have some “stragglers”, but overall you should see a pretty put together wreath for your canvas!
4. Next, I took a handful of the Spanish Moss and manipulated it into a curve as I aligned it on the wreath, in the area I wanted to place it.
5. Then, I glued the Moss down. Because the moss is tiny little pieces – be prepared for a mess – I shook the wreath {after letting it set for a few seconds to let the glue dry} – this allowed for most of the unattached pieces to fall out!
6. Now it’s time to place your Eggs! For this step, I just took a few different sizes + glued them throughout the moss-covered area. There isn’t any rhyme or reason with the placement – this is the part where you make it YOURS!
7. After everything was glued onto the wreath, I cut a piece of the ribbon + simply tied it around the top! The length of the ribbon will vary depending on where you’re hanging your finished piece!
8. Voila!

Below is more info on where you can find all the supplies you’ll need for this DIY! I also included some Links if you’d prefer to shop from the comfort of your home!

Where to Purchase Supplies used:
Hobby Lobby
– Grapevine Wreath
– Spanish Moss
– Multi-colored Easter Eggs
– Ribbon
– Cordless Glue Gun
– Cutting Pliers

Links {some affiliate} to Supplies available online:

Keep in mind, this is YOUR project! Keep it simple + fun!

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