Rustic Lantern

Do you ever go to Antique Stores or Flea Markets and see something that jumps out at you, to the point that you know you just can’t pass it up?

Oftentimes I come across pieces that I think would be really cool to transform into something else, or to bring back to life, or items I really think I need but truly just want! Depending on the price, I’ll typically pick up anything that seems like a “good find” – FREE is my Favorite F word when it comes to Favorite Finds! But, it’s rare that something “speaks” to me in the sense of, “you can’t let this one go”! Guess what? This Rustic Lantern, did just that!

My husband bought the house we live in now years before we met – there used to be an old train depot that sat out front along the highway – it was eventually moved to be displayed in another Iowa town.
Sidenote: I’m so sad I never got to see it, or make the decision on whether or not I wanted to keep it on our property! Someday we’ll take a road trip to see it in it’s new Glory!

Fast forward to me moving in a few years ago + going shopping at a local antique shop – I came across this lantern that I just couldn’t pass up! I grabbed it right away and never second-guessed whether or not I wanted to take it home with me! I don’t remember the cost exactly, but I’m not one to spend very much on items like these so I can’t imagine it was anything more than $10 {maybe less}!

As I was checking out I got to talking with the guy that owned the shop + he told me how this piece came from an old train depot that used to be up the road…. I honestly couldn’t believe he knew the backstory of the item, let alone that he was telling me that this very lantern came from – you guessed it – the same depot that sat out front of our house!

Before even hearing that, I knew that it was going to be one of my favorite finds, but now I get to love how it goes so well with our decor style + even more that it found its way back “home”

Old Train Depot Lantern

Do you have any Favorite Finds? Let’s hear about them in the comments below!

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